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Drawer Organiser


  • 【Multi-Purpose Different Size Boxes Suitable For Any Needs】: 3 different size boxes can be used to organize personal item such as clothes, bras, socks, underwear, ties, fabric scarves, newborn baby items and other accessories. Ease of access in drawer, cabinet, dresser, closet and more. Suitable for different scenarios, to meet your any storage needs. You can be easier to find which one you want, saves much time on picking your items.
  • 【ECO, DURABLE AND PREMIUM QUALITY】: Made of premium Oxford Fabric, it has the texture of fastness, tensile strength, wear resistance, and feel unique as well as its unique color effects. Mold-free, moisture-proof and bacteria-free to ensure the hygiene of storage. And it’s also soft, breathable, non-irritating and easy to clean.
  • 【FOLDABLE DESIGN TO SAVE SPACE】:Every storage boxes can be flat to space-saving when you are not using it. It is easy to operate and assemble. Just by unzip and fold it. It's lightweight and convenient to take along when you are traveling.
  • 【STURDY CONSTRUCTION】:Each storage box has a bottom plate to strengthen the support of the box and ensure it is durability. Protect your items from dust and moisture. It will not become deformed and damp easily.
  • 【3-SIZE ORGANIZER SET (12 SETS)】: 3 large square boxes (28*28*10cm), 3 medium rectangular boxes (28*14*10cm) and 6 small square boxes (14*14*10cm), suitable any storage needs.

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