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Sleep Mask


  • 🌜『Sportswear Fabric』: 100% skin friendly natural lightweight breathable material, the eye mask matches to the face naturally and comfortably ,absorb sweat and easy to clean, smooth and will not fold and deformation.
  • 🌜『No pressure 3D Contoured』: Perfect fit on the face, no pressure on your eye balls, will not smudge eye make-up or compressing your face, eyelids, eyelashes.
  • 🌜『Keep All Light Out』: Wing of nose adds breathable fabric for 100% light blocking all the way around the nose, no matter what size of your nose, creating total darkness for light sleeper,Cooperate with 3D contoured cup achieve 100% shading.
  • 🌜『Adjustable Strap』: With an elastic and soft strap apply to all the sizes of head and will not tangle hair, fit in any sleeping posture. Helps avoid tight feeling from the traditional blinder.
  • 🌜『Earplugs』: We provide 2 slow-rebound sponge earplugs. Earplugs can reduce noise and give you a comfortable sleeping environment. You could sleep comfortable anywhere and anytime.



Reasons for You to Choose Our Sleep Mask:

- New generation of 3D eye model design offer a plenty room allows for free eye movement.

- Practical low rebound memory foam. The super soft material makes you feel more restful without putting any pressure to your face.

- The new design soft adjustable buckle strap will never catch your hair and its top-notch design allows for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep in every single position you prefer!

- Naturally fit to the bridge of the nose and adjusts to the best position when worn. Block unwanted light, help you get better sleep.

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This is one of the most comfortable sleep masks I've ever tried. You almost cannot feel that you're wearing it.
One problem the cheaper masks have is that you can feel the material press against your eyes or even eyelashes and this is uncomfortable. The domes where your eyes are on this product completely stops that and because it's so soft you quickly forget you are wearing it.
If you sleep on your back then you will be fine to put this on, lie back and enjoy perfect darkness. If you sleep on your side, I'd get into position and then adjust the mask until it's in place. Once you've done that you are in pitch-darkness: there's no light leakage on this product and it is definitely 100% black out.
An advantage this product has over others (such as the one from bliss) is that there is no buckle, it is velcro. This means there is no plastic touching your head (which would be uncomfortable for a side sleeper), instead it's just soft material.
Added bonus is it makes you look like a superhero! :D

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Excellent mask for comfort and darkness I wanted to increase number of hours of sleep I was getting and needed my bedroom dark in the morning.And I was shocked.The first night I fell asleep almost immediately with it on.By the second night I never even notice it is on. My house was too bright,and the white light streams in every early morning.This mask blocks all the light.In fact,i have to speak into my iPhone and ask Siri what time it is.Because when i wake up with the mask on,i absolutely can't tell if it's night or day.So it's a perfect product in my opinion.

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Fantastic eye mask, granted it's a little on the pricey side but it does do its job well, there are little folds over the nose cutout meaning all light is sealed out.
I work shift patterns and I regularly use the mask during daylight hours and while wearing it I have no idea what time of day it is outside.
My only criticism would be on the velcro strap on the rear, I have a medium head size (58cm) but find the strap too big meaning I have to have the velcro quite far round for a snug fit

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I am really pleased with this purchase. I read all the reviews and do have to agree with a few comments regarding a negative side to the mask. If you are a side sleeper like me and change sides every couple of hours during the night, it will move slightly on your face. But it is so comfortable and so good at blacking out any light that i love it anyway. It is comfortable to wear and after a months nightly use I have now had to slightly tighten the head band to keep it secure on my face as the elastic has loosened a little. I will buy another one though when i need too.

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