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Knee Pillow


【Pillow Supports Both Your Legs & Knees You Will Sleep Comfortable】: Ergonomic curves provide excellent support will improve blood circulation and improve sleeping alignment to relieves pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles. The elastic strap will keep the pillow on your legs without restricting movement and it will not suddenly drop or slide.

【Help Reduce Back,Hip, Knee And Sciatica Nerve Discomfort】: You can’t sleep perfectly straight when you sleep on your side. Your top leg drops in front of you putting pressure on your back, you will feel pain because your hip joints twist and your knees touch. This leg pillow can prevent pelvic rotation and improve spinal alignment when you used, and will relieve the pressure and relieve the symptoms of sciatica, arthritis,knee,hip,back pain.

【High Quality Memory Foam – Durable And Breathable】:Made of premium quality 100% memory foam, adapt to your body perfectly and quickly. It has excellent resilience and will not become flat by using it. Safety round corner design, no hard corners where touch your body. And the leg pillow is designed breathable to prevent you feel like you are overheating, the memory foam will promote air circulation throughout the night.

【Soft & Comfortable Velvet Cover With Hidden Zipper】:The cover is made of Velvet Fabric and it is soft, comfortable and breathable. The zipper is long enough that you can remove the cover easily. It is uncomfortable when the zipper touching legs in sleeping so the knee pillow take the Hidden Zipper Design. You wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when using it.

【Elastic Velcro Strap—Keep Position And Easy To Take Off】: Elastic strap are suitable for different legs and will stay firmly in your legs the whole night without slipping off suddenly. Traditional fixed elastic strap is hard to take down when you want to do something, you need to take the pillow from your thigh to the ankle. This leg pillow use Velcro and you don’t need from thigh to ankle to remove it anymore.

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