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Underbed Storage Bags


  • [Large Capacity—Store Everything You Want]: Each underbed storage bag is 90L, 100x50x18cm(39.4x19.7x7.1inch). It’s big enough to store quilts, sheets, linens, comforters, blankets, pillows, bedding, off-season clothes, toys, and other household items which you don't often use. Three packs in one set and it's suitable for all kinds of families.
  • [Premium Material—Stronger Than Non-Woven Fabrics]: Each underbed storage bag is made of high-quality burlap with PE which is stronger and more durable than non-woven fabrics and it has excellent support. You can put the bag on the ground and it will not caving in like no-woven fabrics. It’s breathable and waterproof and also easy to clean while protecting your clothes from the dust and the mildew. Not easy to tear, can be folded when not in use to ensure multiple reused times.
  • [Handle Reinforcement—Will Not Break Off During Use]: We found the storage bag's handle falling off is a big problem so we tightened the stitching on the handle. Our storage bag’s handle is stitching with stronger polyester thread. Reinforced seams are also implemented for added strength. Ensure the handle will not break off during use.
  • [Upgraded Zippers--Stronger and smoother]: Each underbed storage bag use the high quality and smooth zippers. The zipper is still easily slide when the storage bag is too full. And the zippers are made of stainless steel which are sturdy and durable. It can be used for a longer period of time.
  • [Big Transparent Window --Find Items Easily]: There is a transparent window on the top of each storage bag that you can see what is inside easily. You can check and find the clothing easily and quickly through the window. And the storage bag set can be used for closet or cloakroom, also a good choice for university dormitory, attic, bedroom use.

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